About Me


Hi! I’m Oğuzhan Ballı,

I’m a student of Visual Communication Design in Istanbul Aydın University.
I studied Radio & Television in high school.

I have been interested in digital world since my childhood, thanks to that interest I have been able to learn many different programs/jobs in this field and improve myself.

Since the first day I entered sector my main goal is to turn the design in mind to a real one and I always
keep the customer satisfaction as focus point.

Besides my business life, I have been riding motorcycle for about 3 years. Motorcycle is my passion and I don’t drive just to go somewhere I ride to enjoy my time on it and to feel the wind.

As I love being free I work freelance.Sometimes at home or at a cafe and
even sometimes in a place where I camp along the sea.

If you want to work with me and get professional service, you can go to my communication site from down there.

Stay Healthy...